Thursday, June 01, 2006

Seconds Out, Round Two.

This time next week I'll either be very happy or very annoyed, again.
My second attempt at the practical bike test is next Wednesday in Brighton.
I have about 10 hours of training booked before then on the big bike and I'll be continuing practicing on my 125.
I'm feeling pretty good about the test. I feel I'm a better rider than I was before I started training. I need to remember the basics - observation, speed limits, not falling off etc... I think I'm better at controlling the bike and I'm certainly more confident.
However once I have the instructor yelling in my ear again everytime I do something wrong I may feel differently.
I'm still not riding as smoothly as I imagine I should be able to though. I know how I want to ride, but I'm still quite rough 'round the edges. I suppose it's the same as most things, when you see the professionals they make it look very easy, and really that comes with experience and practice (and talent) - I'll have to work with the experience and practice I guess.


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