Thursday, May 11, 2006

With Big Match Analysis...

I rode so badly yesterday, never feeling fully in control, that I knew I would have to find a way of concentrating better. So today, copying a video I saw of a guy demonstrating advanced driving techniques, I have been carrying out a running commentary of what I'm doing while I ride.
"...there's a road junction coming up on the left, so I'm looking out for someone coming straight out...parked cars, watching for doors opening in front of me...white van driver at the roundabout, anything could happen...slowing down for the zebra crossing...not looking at the pretty woman walking down the pavement...speed limit..."
It's amazing how much it helps to keep me focused. I realised I spend a lot of time while riding, thinking about what bike I'd like if I pass my test or what I'd do if I fail, now with John Motson in the helmet with me, I find my mind can't wander too far.
I don't think I'll always do this, but it'll certainly help until I become more competent.


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