Monday, April 24, 2006

Back On Two Wheels

I should probably point out I'm a fair-weather rider - I'd get booted out of any motorcycle club, I'm a total amateur. This is another reason why I've yet to take my practical test - not enough practise.
I got my bike out of hibernation this weekend. It had been hiding undercover for a few months waiting for warmer weather - I had to get moving though as I need to pass my test before my CBT (Compulsory Basic Training - lasts two years) runs out on 12th June.
The bike started first time, and then wouldn't start again. It's always hard work to get it started anyway. I mended the fuel pipe that had been leaking since I bought the bike nearly two years ago, put fresh petrol in, cleaned the spark plug and finally it started.
I took it for a spin and it felt great to be back on two wheels. Next I need to get some practise and book some lessons to see what chance I have of passing my practical test anytime soon.
I have the number of a local instructor who strikes fear into everyone he teaches, but as he has a very high pass rate, I'm prepared to get shouted at and ridiculed as much as necessary.


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